We make real estate investors better.

TermSheet is a real estate workflow platform that brings your deals and data into a single location.


Deal Repository

Bring clarity to your deal acquisition pipeline. See the current status of deals and where your team should focus their attention. As you are adding deals, you are building a repository of knowledge that grows stronger over time.

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Market Data

We like real estate data. We take the approach of considering how a particular data point can provide insight to an investor.

Demographic Data

Overlay of demographic data in specific markets around a deal will provide confidence in your decisions.

Points of Interests

Fiber, flood maps, grocery stores, etc. help to provide clarity for a location.


Overlay the market data with additional data like tax records, permits, employment, we can then begin to make informed decisions.

Documents & Collaboration

Today's investors have documents scattered across internal shared drives, cloud sources, and email. We built a system that would service the unique needs of the real estate investor.

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TermSheet is for remote work.

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