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Postal Realty Trust is a publicly-traded REIT focused on acquiring and managing properties leased to the United States Postal Service. They are the country’s largest owner-manager of properties leased to the USPS, with a portfolio of over 1,400 assets spanning all 50 states.

The Challenge

Postal's acquisitions team was mainly reliant on Excel and disparate files, which proved to be a cumbersome and time-consuming approach. The team sought a more efficient way to track their historical data and automate their processes. We spoke with David Loss, Postal Realty Trust’s Executive Vice President and Head of Real Estate, who explained that the team had tried using other software platforms, but had found that none offered the flexibility and customization options that TermSheet did.

“Because what we do is very focused, we have a very specific way of underwriting and diligencing our deals – so it was very important to us to have a platform that we could customize and a team that would work with us to meet our needs.” 
The Solution

The team at Postal was impressed with TermSheet's potential to meet their specific use case, and the way the TermSheet team was involved from the beginning to understand their internal processes and create a customized solution. This collaborative approach ensured that TermSheet could be tailored to Postal's needs, providing a unified ecosystem of data management.

The Impact

Since implementing TermSheet, David and his team have praised the accessibility and problem-solving skills of our Customer Success team. Their ability to adapt quickly and stay agile has been instrumental in supporting Postal's evolving needs. David particularly highlighted the usefulness of features like the Excel Plug-in and Document Generation, which have substantially reduced the workload for his team members.

“We found the TermSheet team to be incredibly accessible, responsive, and always willing to jump into problems and find solutions for us.” 

One of Postal's key objectives is to have TermSheet serve as the primary initiator of data, seamlessly integrating with their central database and other systems. TermSheet's ability to be integrated with the CRM that Postal was already using has proven invaluable to David and his team, enabling smooth data flow and enhancing efficiency.

In one specific instance, David says TermSheet's engineers demonstrated their expertise when Postal faced a challenge with integrating their unique underwriting template and producing term sheets through Excel. TermSheet's team developed a bespoke Excel function that allows Postal to manipulate hard-coded data points in two different places, significantly improving the functionality of their enterprise software platform. This enhancement has made the acquisition process easier and more effective for the entire team.

In terms of how we stand out from our competitors, David noted TermSheet’s firm-wide capabilities and our platform’s strength in being able to manage both the infrastructure and application layers of a firm’s data architecture. 

Overall, Postal Realty Trust's partnership with TermSheet has elicited a visible improvement in their real estate operations – empowering them with automation, streamlined processes, and access to critical data. As Postal continues to grow and expand its portfolio, TermSheet remains their trusted ally, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in their real estate endeavors.

“What excites us most about TermSheet is the potential to fully get away from standalone Excel spreadsheets in regard to our deals. Ultimately, our underwriting, diligence, and everything else will be structured data that lives within TermSheet and can flow through to other areas of our business.” 

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© 2024, TermSheet, LLC. All All rights reserved.

© 2024, TermSheet, LLC. All All rights reserved.

© 2024, TermSheet, LLC. All All rights reserved.