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How TermSheet Simplified & Accelerated Rockview Capital’s Acquisitions Process


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Helps them source & track more deals with greater accuracy

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Rockview Capital is a Beverly Hills-based real estate investment firm focused on direct acquisitions and preferred equity investments in multifamily real estate across the United States. The firm focuses their acquisitions within the Western US, while their preferred equity investments span nationwide.

The Challenge

Before TermSheet, Rockview Capital was doing what many investors can relate to: using an Excel spreadsheet to track their deal pipeline - something Ashton Asherian, Co-Founder and Principal at Rockview, says tends to be the norm in the industry. The reliance on manual data entry and complex Excel spreadsheets was proving to be time-consuming, error-prone, and unsustainable. For those reasons, the team at Rockview sought out a comprehensive solution that would centralize their data, automate their processes and enable them to track deals with more accuracy.

The Solution

Having had experience using other deal management software programs, Enrique Huerta, also a Co-Founder and Principal at Rockview, liked that TermSheet caters to firms of all sizes with a variety of goals, unlike other providers out there that tend to only cater to larger-scale investors or only offer one solution. Rockview particularly enjoys that TermSheet is an all-in-one solution - a deal management tool, a comp database, a map of live activity, a CRM, and a robust reporting platform enabling deep understanding of Vital KPIs.

"Compared to the other providers we were considering, TermSheet's approach and vision was the most oriented towards our growth and being a partner to us -- and that's exactly what we were looking for."  – Enrique Huerta, Co-Founder and Principal
The Impact

By transitioning from Excel spreadsheets to TermSheet, Rockview says the way they work has transformed completely. They are now tracking and managing a higher volume of deals with enhanced accuracy and efficiency. The team reported significant time savings, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks and value-added activities opposed to keeping their Excel pipeline up to date. 

Furthermore, TermSheet facilitated the smooth integration of a remote team member into Rockview Capital's operations. With all their data consolidated within our software, the need for sending numerous spreadsheets and files to keep the remote team member updated was eliminated. The entire team could easily access all the necessary information within TermSheet, ensuring seamless collaboration and eliminating the need for additional tools and programs. This integration would have been nearly impossible without the capabilities offered by TermSheet.

TermSheet's reporting capabilities are another feature that Ashton and Enrique say has been instrumental for them. Our data storage tools have allowed them to be able to quantify the progress and changes in specific deal metrics over time, including bid-ask spread, asking cap rates, and NOI growth, across markets and deal size. This ensures Rockview is always presenting accurate and compelling data to investors, fostering trust and credibility.

"TermSheet has been vital in enabling us to keep our pulse on the market. And that's the most important thing to know when investing -- not where the puck has been, but more importantly, where it’s going.” – Enrique Huerta

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© 2024, TermSheet, LLC. All All rights reserved.

© 2024, TermSheet, LLC. All All rights reserved.

© 2024, TermSheet, LLC. All All rights reserved.